A serial entrepreneur and visual storyteller, that is obsessed with the power of ideas.

Always learn, always grow, always do better.


If it’s your first time here Welcome!

This is a start, the beginning of something new for me, an attempt to help, an opportunity for me to give back and to inspire others along the way. I have made many mistakes and had many failures in my life, and still make them each day. I have learned something that has become ingrained in my mind and how I now try to live my life. And that is we can’t choose what happens in our lives, the things that come our way or the unexpected situations in life. But we have all the power to control how we react to them, the choice to choose our mindset. It’s a simple concept but a lot of times in the moment its one of the first things we forget. We also have the choice each day to be better, not to be better than others, but better than ourselves. To live to be better than we were before and always be striving to outdo ourselves. You are your competition. 

And in those few words lies the bases of this website, to share and learn, and to inspire us to live each day to be better and live lives filled with purpose and fulfilment and to help and inspire others along the way.