Kayla and Mike Tompkins | Aftershoot | Lee Mann Productions

Kayla could hardly wait to get back into her wedding dress and Mike was ready to have a fun evening as it was almost their first Anniversary. This sweet couple was all smiles as the Lee Mann Productions Team met up with them and made our first stop down by the river. It was a beautiful evening and we just caught the sun going down before we headed to our own downtown London, Ontario. While walking and shooting on Richmond Street, Kayla and Mike were all smiles while hearing the horns beep again and the whistles (Check out the video at the bottom of the post!), people turning their heads and telling them what a gorgeous couple they were. At first they tried to explain it was their first anniversary and they were celebrating by doing an Aftershoot, but after a few comments, they just said thank-you, thank-you and enjoyed being in the limelight again. You may have seen us downtown on that Wednesday evening in early September carrying our gear, lights and walking with this most beautiful couple. From the street to alley ways we enjoyed it all. Happy First Anniversary Kayla and Mike Tompkins!