Meagan and Chris | St Thomas Train Station Wedding Photography London Ontario

Wow! Those gorgeous blue eyes like you've never seen before won his heart! This couple is truly made for each other. The sparkle in her eyes and the look of love and longing to be with her forever was so evident on their wedding day and every moment they were together. Surrounded by families that love them so much and a wedding party that was so much fun as well as each one so beautiful, September 19, 2009, was a dream come true for Meagan and Chris. Our LMP Team was ecstatic to do their wedding photography. Lee Mann Productions had been looking forward to their wedding for a year and we knew their day would fly having so much fun while shooting, and that it did. We hope that the photos keep a smile on your face forever as you re -live those moments when you said "I do" and took each other's hand to look forward to a wonderful future together. Meagan and Chris ,we want to tell you it was so awesome working with you and we wish you Congratulations and a life time of happiness!