Heba and Dean | Engaged | London Ontario Engagement Photography

A beautiful couple inside and out! Heba and Dean met two years ago in May in Victoria Park through mutual friends during a basketball tournament and had an instant connection. When you're with this couple you can just feel the love between them is so real and it's always wonderful for our Lee Mann Productions team to work with a couple that forgets we're taking photos and just can be themselves. Dean proposed last summer in Weldon Park and they had their engagement party on August 2, 2009 and the wonderful couple will be married this Sunday, May 23 at the Hilton, London Ontario. Our Lee Mann Productions team is excited to shoot their wedding and be a part of their special day. As both of you have a million things to do this week we hope that you'll just take time to enjoy the week, not worry about all the stuff to do as your anticipation grows toward Sunday! Can't wait to see you again in just a few days! We know your day will be wonderful! Best Wishes Heba and Dean!