Carolyn and Aaron | Sarnia Ontario Wedding Photography

It was Saturday, May 15! The sun was shining beautiful and our Lee Mann Productions Team couldn't wait to see Carolyn and Aaron again! After doing their engagement shoot last fall we knew our photo and cinema team was going to be in for a great day! All of Sarnia, Ontario seemed excited as this couple knew so many people as they both were born there! There parent's had been friends since high school and now were so excited and couldn't be more pleased and proud that Carolyn and Aaron were celebrating their special day!

Aaron and the guys were all ready and just hanging around and we popped by to grab a few shots of them before heading over to Carolyn's. At Carolyn's house the beautiful bride was stunning and so excited! More excited than nervous! After a beautiful ceremony our Lee Mann Productions team had a great time at the Yacht Club where Carolyn had spent so much time growing up as the Abbott family loves boats and is very involved at the Club.

After taking a few photos Lee asked the wedding party to sit down at the edge of the dock...not even thinking to ask them to take their shoes off and within a couple seconds all of a sudden the bride's shoe had fallen off and was floating in the water....and the guys were trying to reach it! The stretch was getting greater and greater and we thought the groomsmen were going to fall in with the shoe....the dad was almost ready to jump in....and then finally with one more long stretch... they got the shoe. Needless to say it definitely gave everyone a laugh and during the rest of the afternoon we had a few was a great day and what an awesome couple and wedding party as well as their families! Congratulations Carolyn and Aaron from our Lee Mann Productions Photo and Cinema team! You all were a blast to work with!