Karna and Mike | Engaged Part One | London Ontario Engagement Photography

Many couples meet through friends and Karna with her most beautiful smile met Mike randomly through their amazing friends Adam and Kelly one night @ Cowboys. Karna was there for a friend's birthday and bumped into Kelly (who was then an acquaintance and now an amazing friend and bridesmaid!) Kelly had recently began dating Mike's great friend Adam (one of their groomsmen and now husband to Kelly). Kelly and Karna chatted for a bit and Mike came up and started chatting. Kelly and Karna parted ways to visit and dance the night away and Mike refused to leave her alone....He kept coming up to Karna (they were both kind of tipsy) and slurring "that she was the prettiest girl in the bar". Finally Karna agreed to dance with him in hopes that he would leave her alone. The night ended and Karna randomly would think back to that night about it but that was it.

A month or so later when Karna was home from University and bumped into Kelly again downtown, she told her how Mike was still talking about her and asked if Kelly could set them up....Karna's thoughts were..."Sure, I have nothing to lose and at least I'll get a free meal out of the night" Mike and her began to talk a bit while Karna was at school and bet on the Super Bowl Game .... if the colts won he got to take her on a date, if the colts lost he got to take her on a date. Karna has no idea if the colts or patriots won that year... :) Karna was very smitten with him even before the date, telling her grandparents all about him.

Mike is a hard worker and very loyal to friends, family and the farm. He loves being a Firefighter/Training Officer for the Arva Department. Karna and Mike went to Crave on their first date in Feb of 2007 and here they are today...building a house and getting married April 9,2011. What a great time our Lee Mann Productions team had doing the first part of Karna and Mike's Engagement Shoot. We couldn't help but make a stop at Crave on our way downtown...and then in a couple of weeks when their house is starting to be built we will finish their shoot at their new house!

Congratulations Karna and Mike! It is so wonderful working with you! We had such a fun night!