Ashley and Ryan | Engaged | London Ontario Engagement Photography

The May 2-4 weekend is significant for many, and London, Ontario is lucky to have an amazing place like Grand Bend to spend it at. Ryan and Ashley met there years ago. Ryan went to Brock University and about 4 years went by and then finally Ryan asked James, Ashley's good friend, for her email address....and the rest is history. The two started talking and Ryan came down from St. Catherines to see Ashley one weekend and then that was the start of getting together every weekend.

Ryan LOVES hockey- specifically the Edmonton Oilers, and Wayne Gretzky is his hero. He's been dragging Ashley to hockey games in Buffalo and Detroit to see the Oilers play. Ashley loves music and spends all of her extra money on she has dragged Ryan to tons of concerts over the last 5 years. His favs so far have been Clint Black, George Strait, and Randy Travis.

Last September, Ashley and Ryan bought their first house and now the two love having BBQ's and decorating and Ryan loves to fix things up. When our LMP team talked with Ashley and Ryan about what they would like to do for their engagement shoot Ashley excitedly told us that they had been decorating their new home. She talked enthusiastically about their wedding and that her colors are going to be black and white. She told us also of their black and white bedroom and a cool wall they had just done. When our team showed up to meet them for their engagement shoot we absolutely fell in love with their home and the way they had decorated their bedroom. What great taste you guys have!

Ashley and Ryan looked amazing as they both were excited to do the shoot! Not all guys are just as excited as the girls to get right into the shoot, but Ryan was really into it and we loved how Ryan was just himself and how the couple connected so well! Ashley's great taste in outfits made the downtown look just what we wanted as we left their home and headed to a few spots our team wanted to shoot at!

We love getting to know our couples throughout the engagement shoot and having a great time as they get to know all of us as well! The engagement shoot is really the ice breaker between the couple and the team. We talk a lot in our first meeting but we find the engagement shoot is key! Lee and the team always have a few crazy ideas and always push the envelope so to speak just a bit farther. Lee is not content with the ordinary. We direct our couples in the look we want but really we want them to be themselves, so we help them to feel comfortable in that way more than anything and since the team all works together half the time we are laughing at ourselves so it helps the couple feel relaxed. If it takes him climbing or getting into the traffic to get a great shot....Lee and the team will do it! We all love the creative stuff! With great equipment like Lee has invested in it allows the team to literally shoot in the dark and Ashley said that was the look she wanted for their shoot!

We want to mention that as we were walking, we just happened to be walking by Nash's Jewellers when Ryan mentioned that is where he got Ashley's ring from. So we stopped to grab a quick shot! Great work Ryan...her ring is beautiful and we'll grab some shots of it at the wedding. Our Lee Mann Productions Photo and Cinema Team is so excited to do both the photography as well as a highlight video at their wedding which is coming up on September 25, 2010! We want to tell you that our team absolutely loved every minute spent with you that evening and here's just a few sample shots in the blog...we think you'll enjoy your full gallery next week!

Congratulations! Can't wait to see you again on your wedding day!