Aimee and Brent | Engaged | London Ontario Engagement Photography

Finding someone to love who loves you back, and being able to find your best friend in that same person is something unexplainable, and Aimee and Brent are so thankful for each other!

Aimee and Brent went to the same high school, but because they were two years apart they didn't really know one another. So about 5 years after high school they met through a mutual friend when they were out on the town one night. Brent made an impression on Aimee because he was the only guy wearing a tie, and the first thing Brent noticed about Aimee were her blue eyes. Our LMP noticed them too, the second we started doing their engagement shoot! After Aimee and Brent met, they chatted for a while and went their separate ways with friends. They didn't end up crossing paths with one another again that night, but Aimee kept thinking that there was something about him, something more....and she wanted to talk more. As she was leaving she ran into another mutual friend who happened to have Brent's number. So Aimee stepped up and called him that night - and they talked for hours on the phone right into the morning. They went on their first date a week later, and the rest is history! They are both strong believers that everything happens for a reason. When they met, neither one of them was expecting to find what they did. They were both scared, as both of them had recently been through some pretty tough times, but there was just something there that neither one of them had ever felt before. From that night on Aimee and Brent have grown so much, and in so many ways together. They are best friends, and just love being together, whether it's jet-setting off on their next vacation, playing with their puppy, cooking a delicious dinner at home or eating out at a fabulous restaurant, or spending time outdoors, they always have fun - just being together!

Our Lee Mann Productions Team was so incredibly happy to be able to shoot their engagement shoot at Steve Plunket's place, who is a great friend of Aimee's dad. It was awesome! Lee just had to get a shot as the sun was going down in the beautiful water feature he has on his property and with jeans and all, he climbed in!

Aimee and Brent, you are beautiful inside and out and our team is looking forward to your June 2011 wedding at the Hamilton Harbourfront.