Rebecca and Ken | Engaged | London Ontario Engagement Photography

It's pretty amazing when you get to shoot an incredible couple at 8:30 a.m. in the morning and they are so wonderful connecting with each other and in front of the camera! We can't begin to say how fun Rebecca and Ken were and since it was Father's Day they had booked a round of golf with Rebecca's family to start at 10 a.m. so we only had less than an hour to do the shoot. But Rebecca and Ken were one of the couple's that we feel we could have done an all day shoot with....they were so fun and relaxed!

Both Rebecca and Ken lived in Boston for a few years, but they didn't meet there. They met in New York at the beginning of 2009. The both lived in NYC, just a few blocks from the Empire State Building. Ken is from Cleveland, Ohio, originally, and they both grew up watching the same Cleveland tv stations since you could get the station in Canada. It's pretty funny as you can also get London radio stations in Cleveland too. Rebecca and Ken, madly in love got engaged on November 13,2009 and will be getting married November 13,2010!

Our Lee Mann Productions Team just loved working with this couple for our E-Shoot and can't wait till November to their wedding! Congratulations Rebecca and Ken!