Anna and Jamie | Engaged | London Ontario Engagement Photography

Anna and Jamie met in Christmas 2006 while they both worked at London Health Sciences Center (Although, Anna had met his sister a year before while travelling in Australia, which made for a very interesting connection as they found this out later. And that their mothers had worked together before we were born)

He persistently pursued her as she played hard to get. Then one day at work, they both just happened to end up in the elevator....just the two of them, as Anna hesitated to get on it knowing that he liked her. It was the most awkward conversation and what felt like the longest elevator ride ever. It was then he asked her for her number and he tried on several occasions to set up a first date.

Anna was not very accommodating, as she was still reluctant to date at all. After many failed attempts, they finally set up a first date.

Jamie took Anna snowmobiling (taking the city girl out into Ilderton) at night and packed a hot chocolate for the trip. They stopped at a snowmobiler shack in the woods and a series of funny events happened there...needless to say, they ended up in candlelight when all the while the light switch was there, and a pack of snowmobilers stopped in to join them. It made for an awesome first date, and Anna remembers wishing she was already in love with this guy because it was so perfect. Well, Jamie's persistence paid off and 2 1/2 yrs later Jamie planned a trip to the very shack that they had their first date. It was spring time so they trudged through the fields instead of snowmobiling. He packed a lunch and chocolate milk. She was suspicious that something was up that day...after recapping their whole first date, in casual conversation he asked her to marry him. It was the greatest Easter ever. 3 1/2 years later now, and they are so in love and excited for the future, and after 3 years of having a long distance relationship, as she was in Buffalo for school, they are more than ready to get their lives started! Anna says, planning their wedding has been quite an adventure. Even more exciting, they bought a house in Arva, Ontario this year, got a new puppy (Mahoney) and are very excited for the wedding and a trip to the Philippines probably after the wedding. Anna says, "to this day, she thanks God that she got into that elevator!"

Our Lee Mann Productions Team couldn't have had a greater time with them during their engagement shoot! Natural from the moment we got together- they were amazing. From the stop at their house they just bought, and being entertained by their new the trip to the park with Jamie's motorcycle and then the trip to his volunteer work with the Ilderton Fire Station!!! This couple is so much fun...thanks rock!! LMP has been so incredibly blessed to have couples to work with that are so amazing and you guys are one of them!! The Team couldn't ask for a better way to spend September 18, this year than doing photos and cinema at your wedding!! Congratulations and we look forward to having a great time with you at your wedding!! Congratulations and our very best wishes to you both!!

A little clip from our remote camera...

A little behind the scenes, our remote camera on the bike...