Lise and Mark | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Mark is an amazing professional hockey player and Lise was attracted to him for many reasons but she loved that he was real and was always himself. Our LMP team found Lise and Mark to be just the perfect couple together as we did their engagement shoot last year. The electricity between the two of them never stopped and as we came closer and closer to their wedding date, they were more and more excited looking forward to it!

The forecast a week before their wedding was showing thunderstorms for their wedding day and had Lise a bit concerned and like all brides she checked the forecast every day, but her love for Mark and her excitement for their wedding was first on her mind and she was determined to enjoy their day no matter what! So July 24/10 Mark and the guys were all getting ready at his parent's house as Lise and the girls were excitedly doing the same! Lise and Mark had not missed a detail and the colors were beautiful, in fact everything was just perfect and this couple was gorgeous and meant for each other. With the ceremony just minutes away at the beautiful St. Peter's Basilica downtown London, Ontario; Lise found her nerves mounting but we assured her that in just minutes as she walked down the aisle and saw Mark she would only think about him. He knew she was beautiful but Lise was even more than he could imagine! Then the rain came...and it was heavy...just as we started family pictures, but Mark and Lise were now married and excited to have a great day and they were up to even taking a walk on the street in the rain! We made a stop at the Symposium Cafe as well which was a favorite spot of theirs.

The beautiful Marconi Club, London Ontario was filled with their family and friends as many wonderful moments were shared with an incredible meal! We wish you both Lise and Mark and incredible life together and totally loved working with you both!