Stephanie and Luke | London Ontario Wedding Photography

She couldn't wait to get into her dress. While the girls were getting ready at Stephanie and Luke's house that they bought just a short time ago, Luke and the guys were just counting the minutes till Luke and Stephanie would see each other! As Stephanie, so beautiful in her gorgeous gown, entered the aisle at North Park Community Church, you could just feel the excitement in the air! Luke was so ready for this moment, and this day when their family and friends would celebrate with them, and they would exchange their vows! Such a fun wedding party...when you get a bunch of brothers together it just spells FUN and the reception at the Delta Armouries, London Ontario hardly had a quiet moment! Laughter echoed through the hotel!

Stephanie and Luke you were beautiful, your weather was gorgeous, your love for each other was so evident! We wish you years and years and bushels and bushels of continuous joy together! Congratulations from our LMP team!