Sheila and Mike | London Ontario Wedding Photography

It seems this summer we've had a few blogs that have had something in them about weather, specifically rain. A bride doesn't really want to hear rain in the forecast at all, July 31st was different. There wasn't any rain in the forecast, In fact all the week before it said it was going to be beautiful on the Saturday and weather wouldn't be an issue. Even in the morning when our team was packing to get ready to go it was overcast but fine...even up till Sheila was about ready to walk down the aisle for her dream outside wedding. As she put on the last final touches it got a bit more cloudy but still looked ok until it was time for the ceremony to start at the beautiful Hessenland Country Inn, near Grand Bend, Ontario.

The skies just let loose and the rain came!!

As Mike stood at the front and waited for Sheila to come over the bridge and down the aisle...everyone was caught in the surprise rain. For a few minutes though, it seemed that the weather, although a huge pain, everyone's hearts were melting with the words and vows exchanged by Sheila and Mike. Mike and Sheila so madly in love and so genuine, under the umbrellas that were dripping said more than I do...Everyone had tears in their was so wet - but so beautiful!

It's the last thing a bride wants to have an outside wedding that gets dumped on by surprise with rain and then it's even worse when it continues all afternoon non-stop. Our team has to say that Sheila and Mike were the bravest. We're sure inside their hearts sank for a few minutes, but they didn't show it and they just radiated and were so up to taking pictures in the rain and we take our hats off to you and your wedding party and families. Inside the hall, later everyone dried off for a wonderful reception in a beautiful hall!

We must say that Sheila, Lee's cousin, and Mike her new husband, had an incredible wedding, even though it was not what they had dreamed for with weather.. but in every other way it was what they dreamed of and weather doesn't change a couple's love! We wish you congratulations to you both and happiness for a lifetime and every time it rains may you think of when you exchanged the most romantic vows under dripping umbrellas! Here's a cheer to a gorgeous couple inside and out! Congratulations Sheila and Mike!

LMP working in the rain, note: we need to invest in some umbrella hats!