Amanda and Keith | Engaged | London Ontario Engagement Photography

Keith and Amanda met at Cowboys in London in November 2007. He was wearing the big belt buckle, so she knew he was the real deal.

Then Keith emailed her a few days later to see if she wanted to go out. On their first date, Keith didn't talk much, because he is rather a quiet guy, so Amanda wasn't sure if he was actually interested, but the more time they spent with each other, the more he opened up. Amanda and Keith have been together ever since, even though Amanda didn't think she wanted to date anyone at that time, but she couldn't stop seeing him. Early in 2008, during one of their university parties, she finally admitted to her best friend that she knew she was going to marry him right from the start.

Amanda and Keith started planning before she had the ring, in fact they booked our Lee Mann Productions Team before they had announced their engagement to their families and friends because they knew that sometime in 2011 they wanted to get married. Once they picked the date, Amanda said she knew that Keith had a deadline by when he had to propose, so it wasn't too much of a surprise, especially since she heard the message from the jewelers letting him know that his custom order was at the store. He tried to say that it was her necklace that he bought as a replacement to the chain that kept breaking, but who orders a 'custom' chain? Not too sneaky!

Keith proposed overlooking the Avon Maitland River in Stratford. They went for a walk after a great dinner to look at the ducklings and the swans, where he took her to an old wooden railroad bridge and dropped on one knee. Even though they knew it was going to happen, he was shaking, and she was crying. She didn't actually say 'yes', because she was crying too much, just nodded. And the planning began!

We're so happy to work with Amanda and Keith! Congratulations and can't wait till July 9,2011.