Anna and Jamie | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Arriving at the Jamie and Anna's house where the guys were getting ready you could see the remnants of the party the night before. The house was perfectly tidied up but around the porch and yard you could tell the celebration the night before with the wedding party was awesome! After catching a few shots of the guys getting ready, the excitement was mounting and a few nerves too but generally everyone was just so happy for this special day. The girls were beautiful! What a great choice of color. Then we saw Anna and she was gorgeous. Always with a beautiful smile, and so sweet. When Jamie saw her at the church it was a wonderful moment! Our team had a great time spending it at Joe Kool's which is a favorite spot for the two of them to hang out. They have quite a few memories there of some special moments! We loved working with you both and your wedding party and want to say Congratulations and we wish you an amazing life together!