Jessa and Jonathan | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

They met in 2007 through a mutual acquaintance. Since then, they started going out on dates and as it often turns out they had a lot in common. They get along very well or maybe sometimes not but they still love each other....very much. You can see it how they look at each other. Jon still lives in Toronto with his family, while she lives in London with her family as well. They always look forward to the days they see each other. Missing each other made their love grew fonder. They both learned the value of trust and patience from their relationship.

Jessa and Jon both love traveling. They went to Florida on their first year anniversary, Philippines on their second, and Paris on their third and that’s when and where he proposed. Jessa had a feeling that he would propose there, because it’s Paris (city for lovers)! It’s in history, guys proposing in Paris... so she thought maybe he would do the same. On their 3rd day in Paris, she dug through his luggage while he was in the shower in order to get rid of her “proposal expectation” feeling. To her disappointment, she did not find any ring. On their 5th day(2 days before they left), this was the last chance of passing by the Eiffel tower(where most proposal are done) and he still hadn't proposed. Again, disappointed, she admitted. Later on, when they were at the Pont des Arts, the most romantic bridge in Paris, that’s when he proposed. Jon was still able to surprise Jessa despite her being sneaky. She was really happy. He said he didn’t want to propose in Eiffel tower since it’s too cliché.

Jessa and Jon like trying new adventures. They have gone rafting and bungee jumping this past summer. Bungee jumping couldn’t get any scarier that’s why when our team took them up a hill for a trek on their Engagement shoot on a really windy day they were serious when they said they will try to roll over down the hill during the shoot. They were so much fun. She spent all afternoon at the salon and within minutes out on that crazy windy day the wind had grabbed her hair....then on top of that Lee had the bright idea to take them into a field and we didn't realize it but there were burrs all over and they got in her hair....Jonathan had to spend about 15 minutes trying to get them out of her hair....way to go Lee.... They were so great to work with and didn't complain. Jessa loves fashion so she just wanted to make sure she had some shots in a pre-wedding day dress as well. She bought one just for her shoot as she wanted the bride "look" too. She'll still have a surprise for us on her wedding day as she's getting another dress as well! We thank you two for such a fun afternoon and for being yourselves in front of the camera and we can't wait till your wedding day! Congratulations Jessa and Jon!