9 Brides | Aftershoot | Chatham Ontario Wedding Photography

9 Chatham Brides Rock the Streets. It was so wet and windy and extremely cool and yet some brave, beautiful, Chatham brides all got together to do a Photo Shoot in Chatham, Ontario where all of them live, except one!

Every Thursday evening this group of girls get together to encourage each other through every day life and have a Bible study together. They thought it would be fun to have a photo shoot and dress up back into their wedding dresses again. After the shoot they went back to Val's house and watched "Say Yes to the Dress" and had some great "girl talk"

Miranda is the latest one in the group to get married just this past June. She loves pink, as you can tell from her dress. She always has a listening ear and a wise word of encouragement. Brandy also is an encourager as well as always there to lend a hand. Kerry, a down to earth girl. She really rocked the "fierce" look during the photo shoot. Nicole, is so honest and open and always so kind. Valerie Ann is full of spunk and fun for life. She always has a great way of lighting up the room. Chelsea is an amazing baker and can make the most delicious and beautiful cakes. Andrea can always be counted on to understand what you are going through and is so real. Hope is the only one that now lives in Muskoka and had to leave the group after she got married. Amy is a magnet to those around her. She loves people and cares so much about others.

Well, what can we say. LMP thought we might have to post pone the shoot as the weather was so terrible, but the girls found a nearby garden centre in Chatham to take some shots and then they were so brave to go out in the cold and wet and windy weather to get some shots outside as well. The cars were honking, and the wind was blowing so hard and the rain was pounding but they were laughing....most of the time...between teeth chattering they shared so many special moments.

We can't believe you all were so fun and may we add kind of crazy!