Alicia and Sana | Aftershoot | London Ontario Wedding Photography

They met doing community service work with children and youth in an inner city neighborhood in Toronto. The children and youth are a big part of Sana and Alicia coming together and a whole bus load of them and their families came out to the wedding, which was such a joy for them! Sana proposed in a camping tent at the end of a scavenger hunt that Alicia had to run around to do.

Our team was already booked when Sana and Alicia inquired about LMP shooting their wedding but we said we love to do an Aftershoot. We were so thrilled to meet them at their honeymoon spot and have an incredible evening with them doing their shoot. They were so real and free to be themselves. It was absolutely a joy and not much posing in this shoot as we just captured the emotions as they happened with a bit of direction from our team!

They're off to Zambia now for 8 months, doing public health and education work Sana's background: Indian and Iranian, Alicia's background: Scottish & English (hence the various outfits) In the prayer photos and with the harp we found this is something that really brings the two of them together, especially singing with the prayers. Their connection is on emotional, physical, but primarily a spiritual level.

Congratulations Alicia and Sana, what a great joy it was to work with you.