Rebecca and Jerrod | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Jerrod and Rebecca met nearly 12 years ago at Brant Community Church where their families were attending. They grew up going to the same Sunday school and with many of the same friends. They began dating nearly 6 years ago when they were in high school. Rebecca heard through the grapevine that Jerrod was interested in her, and shortly after he began emailing her frequently, calling her even more, and soon invited her to do things with him outside of youth events at the church. In 2007, she began nursing at McMaster, and in 2008, Jerrod began a job in Waterloo. While university and jobs took many of their friends to different cities, Jerrod and Rebecca both remained living in Brantford.

It was during this time that their relationship grew from a high school romance to something much more serious. Their love for each other grew from a deep friendship that had developed over time and they both knew without a doubt that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Jerrod had planned to propose in August during a trip to visit some of her family. However, one day in July, while he was at work, he decided he couldn’t wait any longer. The ring was waiting for him at the jewelers, so he stopped on his way home to pick it up and then came over to Rebecca's place. He took her on a walk that they had taken many times before to a park near her house. It was at this park that they had first kissed, and first said “I love you.” As they walked, Jerrod began to tell her about his favorite memories with her and about the dreams he had for their future, then he got down on his knee and proposed. She was so happy and said yes over and over. One of the things Rebecca and Jerrod love to do together is go to fairs so when we heard this we thought the fair would be an awesome spot to do their Engagement Photos.

It was a very cool evening, in fact really cool but it was great to have lots of spectators at the fair while LMP took shots of the couple having fun at the fair. We found out that Rebecca absolutely loves popcorn too!

Congratulations and we can't wait till your wedding next year.