Esther and David | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Little 8 year olds, Esther and David knew each other back then when their parents were friends, through church. We imagine that she didn't really look at him then the same way she looks at him now, nor did their parent's think that their friendship would grow in the way it has till now. She really noticed him in the summer of 2000, but because he was a bit quiet, he didn't look at her too much or talk too much to her.....she thought he couldn't possibly be interested. Then they had their first date on August 15, 2007. He asked her to go to a Blue Jays game with him, just over a week before she was to leave for school in Dubuque, Iowa, and that night they took their first walk along the waterfront in Toronto. The first two years of their relationship were long distance, but when she would come home there would be a Leafs or a Jays game in Toronto to look forward to, and often a moonlight walk along the water.

After finishing school this past summer, David was ready to take the next step, and with Esther's best friends visiting from the states and both sets of parents on board, wedding planning began. He had told her when he ordered the ring, one which he selected completely on his own, but time passed and it seemed to her like it would never arrive. October 2, 2010 rolled around and the time came for their annual trek to Toronto for a Leafs game. It seemed the same as every previous one . . . they had supper out, nothing happened, they watched the game, nothing happened. But, on the way back to the car he took her for a detour through the gardens along the waterfront (she thought it was just a shortcut), and when he asked if she wanted to sit down on a bench she thought it was because he knew her feet were tired. It was a beautiful spot, the lake on one side, the lights of the city sparkling in the night sky on the other -- Esther wasn't ready to go when David suggested they should, but she got up and was starting to walk away when she heard him say, "Also, one more thing," and felt him grab her arm. She turned around and he was down on one knee pulling a little box out of his coat pocket, his words, "Will you marry me?" barely even registering in her stunned surprise. She threw her arms around him, giggling and crying, and completely forgetting a)that he was kneeling on wet grass, b)about the ring, and c)to answer him. He asked if he could stand up, and he managed to get the ring on her finger just as she was realizing that she hadn't answered yet -- which she remedied with many a yes, yes, yes! When they got back to the parking garage, and some decent lighting, she finally took a look at the ring -- it was GORGEOUS! She couldn't believe her eyes: the diamonds, the intricate and unique design of the band. She couldn't stop grinning and looking at him and then the ring and then back at him the whole way home.

Congratulations Esther and David! We're looking forward to your wedding in 2011.