Ashley and Ryan | Aftershoot | London Ontario Wedding Photography

The wedding is over and you finally get to breathe and catch a bit of sleep, and then a short time later you just want to put your dress back on. The day went so fast and you loved it, but now that things are over you'd love for a reason to put your dress back on. Well at LMP we've been booked for quite a few AfterShoots with couples. With some of them we've done their wedding and they just want a bit more time in front of the camera and sometimes they just want a chance to go to a few other spots that we didn't get to do on their wedding day. However, sometimes the couple has booked us to do the Aftershoot because we couldn't do their wedding because we were previously booked or the wedding was a destination wedding. So we've had the opportunity as a team to go out and do the photos when the couple is totally relaxed after the wedding, sometimes, a couple of days, sometimes a week, or a month or so.

For Ashley and Ryan, so stunning and beautiful, as a photography team you could work with this couple all day and not get tired. There's just something about them, like so many of our other couples. How could we be so lucky! Every couple in 2010 has been awesome and 2011 bride's are no different...we can't wait! Each and everyone of them are awesome! The cool thing is that every couple is a bit different from the couple the week before and the week after.
When you look at Ashley and Ryan you think wow! She's amazing! He's so lucky! And they connect with each other like magnets. They bring out the best in each other in everything they do! Well we had the opportunity to work with Ashley and Ryan in their engagement shoot, their wedding and we also got the privilege to do an AfterShoot. Each time was wonderful and they were amazing! Thank you so much Ashley and Ryan for being so great and so fun to work with. We did their aftershoot on October 24 so they've had to wait a month to see these pics as we've been crazy busy but we hope these bring back alot of great memories of the time we spent together! To the two of you.....keep on loving each other the way you do now!