Paula and Michael | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

In July 2008, Paula and Michaël were in Costa Rica for Paula's cousin and Michaël's best friend's wedding. The wedding guests were staying at the same resort and Paula and Michaël met by the infinity pool the day before the wedding. At the night of the wedding, Paula and Michaël got to know each other and both knew that it was something special. When returning from the trip, Michaël asked Paula's cousin if she thought she would mind if he contacted her and later received her phone number. At the time, since Paula was in Windsor and Michaël was in Ottawa, they spent hours on the phone, sometimes until the early morning and decided to meet in person for the first time since the wedding in Toronto on November 14th 2008.

Throughout the years, Paula and Michaël have been seeing each other on average every 3 weeks and have spent a lot of time in the clouds (both figuratively and literally). During the summer of 2009, they travelled to Italy and England with Paula's family and Michaël had the opportunity to meet Paula's extended relatives. Paula was disappointed that she still hadn't had the opportunity to see the Sistine chapel.

During Easter weekend 2010, Michaël met with Paula's parents to ask them for their permission and blessing to ask Paula's hand in marriage. Later in the Spring, Michaël surprised Paula with a trip to Italy which included a tour of the Sistine chapel. They then got engaged in St-Peter's Square on May 18th 2010.

Paula and Michaël are now finalizing their wedding preparations for May 21st 2010 in Sarnia. Paula is preparing to move to Montreal where Michaël has been living for the past year and a half.

Paula and Michael were fun and relaxed during their engagement shoot and our team enjoyed every minute spent with them. We look forward to seeing you both again in May on your special day! Congratulations!