Natalie and Julio | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

We've all heard about blind dates. Some good, some not so good. Well, Julio and Natalie met through her Aunt Grace. She set them up on a blind date. Julio was her Aunt’s landscaper. Natalie's Aunt said if she wasn’t interested she was going to ask him out. Haha. When her aunt came to ask if she was interested, she wasn't really sure but she insisted and said that Natalie wouldn’t be disappointed because he’s a real hottie! So Natalie agreed to go on the blind date and their relationship sky-rocketed from there, as they hit it off really well. Now it's 4 ½ years later and they're engaged and getting married on September 10, 2011 at St. Mary’s Church in London.

Julio proposed in Victoria Park on May 10, 2010. Victoria Park is a place that Julio and Natalie liked to go in the Spring, Summer and Fall. They enjoy taking long walks and sipping their Tim Horton’s in the cold months and going to Marble Slab in the hot months. It was the last night before she turned 30 when he proposed. Her birthday is May 11th and one of the things she had on er wish list that she wanted accomplished before she was 30 was to be…. engaged. And she got her wish. It’s definitely a day they will always remember.

Our LMP team had a great outing with Natalie and Julio as they are huge movie lovers so we stopped by for some shots at the theatre before heading over to Marble Slab! . Their favorite combo is Chocolate ice-cream, raspberries and scor bar chocolate. Julio calls Natalie his “bubbies” a nickname he has for her. She calls him superman.

Julio and Natalie have travelled alot together. Cuba, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls (a few times) and many shopping trips to the states. Their next trip is NEW YORK CITY. They are going for New Years and celebrating. One thing about Julio that Natalie loves so much is how much he makes her laugh and he says the same thing about her. They keep each other well entertained and they kept our team laughing as well while we were out shooting with them. Congratulations Natalie and Julio. It was so much fun working with you and we can't wait till your wedding!