Meagan and Chris | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

It was September 2003 when they first met. Chris was a soph at Meagan's residence and was the coach of her football team. Walking to the field the first day of practice Chris and the other coaches all drafted their first picks of females on the field and Chris chose the girl wearing shorts with dancer written across her bum - Meagan! Likewise she chose to separate herself from her girlfriends to play offense because the offensive coach was gorgeous...Meagan told us. But we say she had nothing to worry about as you can see for yourself in the photos how beautiful Meagan is! Chris and Meagan slowly became friends throughout the year but it wasn’t until December 22nd 2004 making out to Gavin Degraw in her parent’s basement that they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. Chris’ persistency despite her many efforts to push him away, showed her that a relationship with him would mean something serious. He was so sure of their future, it was impossible not to fall head over heels in love, she said.

Chris proposed to Meagan after almost 6 years of dating. They went up to the cottage in Kipawa Quebec for what she thought was another one of her dad’s work weekends involving hauling wood, chopping trees, and carrying heavy things. The morning was full of snow and the trails were perfect for ATVing so her dad and Meagan took the dogs on the back trails while the rest of the family and Chris took the boat into town for some supplies to help with the day’s tasks. They were gone for over an hour and on the way back her dad sent Meagan ahead while he dropped by a neighbor's camp. He asked her to grab an axe he had left on the dock and return it to another neighbor for him. Meagan took her time walking down the stairs to the dock and when she arrived there was Chris amidst the freshly fallen snow surrounded by a fire he had made, beside a table filled with their favorite caramel brownie cheesecake, Meagan's strawberry Wild Vine wine, red roses, and candles. Most importantly though there he was in a handsome suit down on one knee with a ring box open in his hands. Meagan, dressed in her dad’s sweater, baggy track pants, Chris’ jacket, mom’s boots, and a beaver hat immediately cried and of course said yes!

Our LMP team had such an amazing time with Meagan and Chris out on a freezing cold January evening. It was so cold....but they were so brave. Meagan was especially brave as being a dancer and dance teacher she had a special little dress for fun that her dad had bought for her and she wore that as you can see as one of their change ups....It was perfect for doing a few dance moves in the alley way....but very, very cold. The Symposium is a favorite place of theirs where they stop almost weekly for their favorite cheesecake so we made a stop there as well. It was an awesome evening and we absolutely can't wait to do their wedding photography and cinematography on Feb. 26/11 when they will be married in London, Ontario. Congratulations to the two of you and keep loving each other and having as much fun in your life as you both are right now!