Sarah and Scott | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Scott and Sarah were “introduced” by a mutual friend of theirs, and now one of their bridesmaids. She is one of Sarah's best friends from highschool, and met Scott while she was a summer student at Toyota and Scott was doing a co-op placement there. It started as “you should meet Scott, he has blonde curly hair too...I’m going to tell him to add you to facebook” while she was home from school in the summer. Sarah laughed at her then and forgot about it, but Andrea didn’t. Returning to Waterloo for Sarah's 3rd year of optometry in September, a persistent Andrea did what she said she was going to do and Scott and her met up. Scott put up with her being busy with school for the fall and winter, being away in Kentucky for the summer 2009 for an internship and stressing out about board exams in her final year. February 2010, in the midst of the studying “fun” for boards, they went away for a snowboarding weekend at Mt St Louis Moonstone, where Scott proposed half way down a run. LMP had a great time interacting with this super sweet couple! It was so nice to enjoy a beautiful spring evening with them doing their engagement shoot! Congratulations Sarah and Scott and we are really looking forward to your wedding in August.