Meagan and Matt | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

A story about the policeman and the postie, how they met.

Matt and Meagan met through her good friend, and future bridesmaid, Nicole who lives in St Thomas (who she met in Australia while travelling). Meagan always teases her that she found her groom. Matt and Meagan have been together since November 2007. He loves telling the story of how they met in Nicole’s basement while the guys were watching the Leafs game… He also loves telling people that she is 2 years older than him…and as they were driving into London to go to the bar to celebrate Matt’s buddy Greg’s birthday….she wrote her phone number on the condensation on the window. It was all history after that…

The Proposal-

Matt had gone out with friends on the Friday night, and had tried to settle his nerves about the pending proposal planned for the next day, with a couple drinks (like she would have said anything but YES!) Matt came home late/early and managed to pull the upstairs toilet from the wall, causing water to go everywhere and Meagan to come to the rescue! The next day Matt and her went out to do a couple of things and he dropped her off at the mall. While she was at the mall, he met her cousin Tara in the LCBO parking lot to pick up the ring! Tara had brought it down from Toronto where they both had picked it out a couple weeks before! All the cousins, her sister, “sister in love” and brother were planning to go out for a big dinner in celebration of all the October birthdays that night at the Verandah Café, so Tara was asking so many questions, hoping that I would have the ring on my finger by then! Matt picked Meagan up at the mall and they went home to get ready for the dinner. She was upstairs getting ready for the dinner and Matt was calling her to come downstairs. He was trying to tell her that the water had leaked down into their basement and had caused damage to the walls. Meagan told him she was busy, and that he should take care of it! After continuously calling her to come downstairs, with no success, he came up to see her. He was smirking. I was confused. She asked why he thought it was funny that our walls were damaged! So she was slightly annoyed and decided to go downstairs on the main floor to take a look. As she went downstairs, Meagan was looking everywhere for the damage, and Matt told her it was farther down the next set of stairs. So she went downstairs and all the lights were off, and she could hardly see. Meagan told him to tell her where the damage was because they were rushing to get out the door to dinner….that’s when he pointed down to the end of the basement where he had the ring box open and sitting on a table with one of the pot lights shining down on it. Meagan was shocked! Completely unexpected! She went from being annoyed that they had leaking and damage in their basement to confusion, to her being so excited and crying! It was perfect! Then they went out for a great night with some of the people that mean the most to them (family and friends!) and celebrated! It was a great night! It was Thanksgiving weekend (October 9th) when he proposed, so the following 2 days were both of their family’s dinner’s where the excited couple was able to share their exciting news!

What a fun evening we had with Meagan and Matt at Meagan's family farm! It was wonderful and then all of sudden it turned so windy and cold...but it was a great time anyway! LMP can't wait till your October 2011 wedding! Congratulations to you both!