Cas and Tyson | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

The first night she met Tyson she made him pinky swear here that he was going to call her the next day... and he did and they have been together ever since. On June 20th 2011 Tyson and her have been together for 6 years. Tyson can always get Cas to laugh with all of his impersonations! ie: Hermie being a great one, as Tyson is a dentist. Their days are filled with Friends, Jays games, cooking, Rollerblading, Going to the movies and out to dinner! But in the evening is when he always asks her, "Did you remember to floss?" It was a beautiful evening that LMP had with the two of them doing their engagement shoot! Most of the evening was spent trekking through the water, climbing over rocks, and you two were just great! Congratulations Cas and Tyson and we are looking forward to your wedding October 8, 2011!