Stephanie and Luke | Aftershoot | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Some do a nice dinner out or a get away or many other ways of celebrating but Steph and Luke decided to do an AfterShoot in celebration of their first anniversary which is just around the corner on July 30. One of the things our team always feels after weddings is that we will miss our couples. It's such fun to work with them from their engagement, in most cases, through the wedding planning stage and to work with them closely on their wedding day. Then we always comment a few weeks later that we will miss working alongside of them, but for some it's becoming more popular to do an AfterShoot. Sometimes just a few days or a few weeks later, but for Steph and Luke it was almost a year later as they wanted to celebrate in this special way. We were so happy to see them again and work with them as Luke and Steph are so special. We wish you both a Happy First Anniversary and hope that you have so many more great years ahead and that each day is filled with amazing memories and special blessings!