Sarah and Kwame | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Eight years seems like a long time. They met during her first year of university at McMaster where he played varsity football and she says she was a bit of a nerd in health sciences. It often starts out as "just friends," but after a year she eventually realized that if he was such a great friend, he might also be a great boyfriend!
They've been dating ever since and have a wonderful relationship, but they say they have had rough patches, especially when they had to do long distance while he played professional football in Europe for a few years.
Sarah says he is such an incredible person and she feels so lucky to have Kwame in her life. She is a bit of a Type A personality, but he is so laid back and really helps keep her grounded. They really balance each other out. He is also very close with her family and her parents as they consider him a son already. Sarah and Kwame can't wait to start their life together. Currently, Sarah is doing her residency training in General Surgery after graduating from medical school at UWO this past May. She has 5 more years of training until she is done. Kwame completed teacher’s college in Windsor last May and is now supply teaching in London. They both love sports and it is a huge part of their lives. Kwame was a named to both the Ontario and Canadian All-Star list multiple times during his football career at McMaster. He then went on to play professional football in Italy for two seasons after he graduated. Kwame also coached football at McMaster for 4 years, as well, he continues to coach football at the high school level in London. He still plays basketball and soccer as well. He also runs a bootcamp twice a week in London. Sarah grew up playing sports and was one of two girls and her dad is very into sports and really wanted boys; as a result her sister and Sarah played and watched multiple sports and she continues to play soccer, basketball and baseball on a regular basis. Thus doing their Engagement Shoot at McMaster University in Hamilton just made sense and for the two of them to grab a football and toss it around was just the thing they always like to do! Congratulations to both of you! LMP is excited for your wedding next June!