Ellen and Kevin | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Most couples come to our team at Lee Mann Productions, for a few reasons it seems. They often can't really put their finger on what it is that they like but some words like creative, modern, and a great experience come up in our conversation with them. Lee and the team just can't seem to sit still and do the ordinary as that's boring for everyone. Every couple wants shots that don't look the same as any other couple. They are unique and they want their photo and cinema experience unique too. We also want people to enjoy the experience. Sure at first the engagement shoot might feel a bit awkward for some, but the advantage of a team working with you is that before you know it we are laughing and you are having fun, enjoying the experience, almost forgetting that we're taking pictures. We definitely do direct in the shots, although we're not really into the stuff that looks too posed. We want a real look with real expressions and real connections between our couples, and that comes when people are comfortable.
Well, many times it just makes our job so fun, cool and rewarding when couples come to us and they love having photos taken. They're not exactly sure how it should be done but they're willing to work outside the box a bit. Then we get excited and with Ellen and Kevin it was just like that. The evening was lovely and great to go to the beach and when all eyes were on them on the Main Street of Grand Bend, Ontario they might have felt a bit awkward at first, but soon they just had fun! Then we took them to a spot that was very private and we were able to get some shots down at the beach and they had some balloons that were fun props as you can see. Ellen and Kevin met and started dating in high school. While doing 4 years at McMaster University, for Ellen and 4 years at Queen's University, for Kevin, they both worked hard. They currently live in Toronto, while Ellen is attending Brock University for Teacher Education The two have a new baby -their new puppy Ruby. Ellen and Kevin love the beach as it means a lot to them as they got engaged in St. Augustine Florida on the beach in April 2011. Their wedding is set for August 2013. Congratulations to the two of you, Ellen and Kevin. Have fun planning your wedding!