Rebecca and Jerrod | Brantford Ontario Wedding Photography

They met more than 12 years ago as young ones pretty much playing together with their families, but it was about 7 years ago they had their first date. Rebecca and Jerrod's families still are close and they couldn't imagine that these two have dated, fallen in love and on September 2, 2011 she walked down the aisle to meet him and start their life together as a married couple! Our Lee Mann Productions Photo and CInema team arrived at Rebecca's house in Brantford, Ontario and as usual the bride is so excited to put her dress on. Rebecca's was gorgeous and it was just perfect on her. But at the precise moment that her mom and sister were zipping it up the zipper started coming apart. With the ceremony only an hour away, there were a few gasps; but Rebecca's mom, so cool and controlled grabbed a needle and thread and started sewing. Literally, sewing the dress on her. The joke later was that Jerrod would have to cut it off her that night to get her out of it. But after Rebecca's mom was done you couldn't even tell. She was so beautiful. We always tell our bride's things don't always go 100% perfect on your wedding day so just relax and take it in stride and enjoy every minute as it goes so fast! Well the day was perfect, and we had a lot of fun with the wedding party as well. Rebecca and Jerrod, just as you are now, so in love and so close to each other our team hopes for you that years from now you'll be even more in love, if you can imagine, than you are now. Congratulations to you both!