Brittany and Eric | Engaged | Part 1 | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Well, we almost never get rained out of an engagement shoot because warm rain is fun but not when it is so cold. We just got started and had only taken a couple shots when down it came so we told Brittany and Eric let's go inside and carve the pumpkin they had picked out and so this is just part one of their Engagement Shoot and we'll be sharing part two at a later date, when we get back outside for some more shots. Brittany and Eric love doing things together as most couples do and so for them, carving a pumpkin and roasting the seeds a couple days before Halloween is something they would have done anyway. So doing it while us capturing shots was fun. Great suggestion Lee to carve their wedding date! You could tell as Brittany and Eric worked together they just connect so well and they are so fun together.
Thanks to you two for a great experience and we can't wait to go and shoot again. Congratulations to both of you!