Nicole and Dale | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

The beach is often cliché for romance. It is a perfect venue for watching a sunset, coming to the end of the land and gazing out at what lies beyond, and ultimately a sense of escapism. This is exactly why Nicole and Dale love the beach, especially when you toss in a bottle of wine. Every relationship has uncertainties, and theirs came 3 months in. After returning from a trip to Australia, Nicole was welcomed home by the hit-the-ground-running stress of school, living situations and a boyfriend who missed her dearly. To help clear her head, Dale took his unsure-about-the-relationship girlfriend to Grand Bend on an unusually hot March 19th afternoon. The shoreline, the laughs and the hugs were the anecdote for a suddenly stress-free Nicole, until Dale’s faithful 1995 Toyota broke down on the ride home. Taking the event in stride, the couple enjoyed each other’s company looking at the occurrence as yet another reason to laugh during a fun day. The spot where the couple broke down on March 19th was also the place where Dale proposed to Nicole 3 months later on June 22nd … once again he took her to the beach and staged another automotive breakdown. While Nicole started and stopped the car with the hood popped, Dale was setting up candles and rose peddles behind the car. Another couple even pulled over to help the situation thinking the young pair was in trouble. Dale quickly ran up to the kind souls and notified them that he was proposing, but that they could help by playing along. The helping couple shined a flashlight under the hood while Nicole continued to troubleshoot by repeatedly starting the car, and then offered to call a tow-truck before taking off, leaving Dale to get down on one knee and tell Nicole the whole thing was a set up. Completely caught off guard, and beaming with excitement she said some variation of “yes.” We loved doing your engagement shoot with you, Nicole and Dale and we can't wait until your wedding next year! Congratulations to you both!