Melissa and Frank | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Our couples are all so great! They're all beautiful, so in love and so fun to work with, and yet each has a story of their own that makes them unique. How they met, what made them fall in love with each other and so many other things. We love to hear their stories and it's their stories that we love to capture. That's what makes them who they are and that's what makes our work so fun.
Melissa and Frank have chemistry together that is so incredibly special.
He is so lucky to have her and she loves him so much! It was so great on their wedding day to work with such an energetic wedding party and couple, and that they loved being themselves and we could capture it. A quick stop at a bar to cool down on a very hot day made for some fun memories with the wedding party! Congratulations Melissa and Frank and wishing you so many great times ahead!