Stacy and Aaron | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Aaron and Stacy met at the University of Western Ontario through a mutual friend. Being in the same program (Kinesiology), they had both known of each other but never really talked. It wasn't until their 4th year that something began to spark. They actually bonded over his outreach of support to her shortly after her mom had passed away from cancer. His father had too passed away from cancer a few years before and he was able to offer a sort of mutual understanding as they both had walked through a similar journey. Soon after they were inseparable and began spending every moment together! She is an elementary teacher and Aaron is a Pedorthist (he assess gait and designs custom orthotics) Aaron surprised Stacy by pulling off a flash mob that included all her friends and family! He also knew that her favourite number is 11 so he proposed on 11/11/11 at 11:11 pm on Unionville Main Street (one of her favourite places!) They spend a lot of time together... reading books, working out, going for runs, grocery shopping and cooking, watching movies/tv shows, skiing/snowboarding. When they told us they loved grocery shopping we said let's go and so they came up with a great lunch that was wonderful by the way! Mr. Turtle was a gift from Aaron to Stacy at the beginning of their relationship. He's is well loved and almost inseparable from Stacy.