Jodi and Bruce | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

They have worked together for 13 years and of that for two years they've been dating. Bruce is an officer and I am a dispatcher. She jokes that not only does she get to boss him around at home, but she also gets to do that at work as well, on the radio !! They both really love camping, and anything outdoors. Jodi and Bruce really like taking time just to connect with each other relaxing with a good bottle of wine. Bruce's motorcycle is so fun for them and they go out as much as they can as well as they have been to many different spots together as they both love traveling. In fact it is best summed up that as long as they are together they are having fun and they both have the same sense of humor and will make the best of any situation. Congratulations Jodi and Bruce. We can't wait till your wedding next month!