Ashley and Jamie | London Ontario Wedding Photography

This beautiful couple met in university (at Ivey) and got to know each other through working together at Ernst & Young. They began dating in their first year at the firm. The beautiful spot in Kelowna was the place Jamie chose to ask the question and a year and half later they were married. Ashley and Jamie poke fun at each other for being accountants but they also like to stay active and are involved in a number of different sports or activities, as well as both volunteer as board members of various local charities They have done a fair bit of traveling together, including: Calgary, Kelowna, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and recently to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Wow! So lucky many would say! Ashley loves to paint and plays a variety of different musical instruments while Jamie likes to play a variety of sports, but mostly golf and hockey. They had such great support with friends and family who flew in from, LA, Vancouver, Calgary and Australia for the wedding. What an amazing day with great weather and they said that they couldn’t have been happier with how their day went. Congratulations Ashley and Jamie and our team wishes you an incredible great times as you share your life together!