Taylor and Derek | Aftershoot | London Ontario Wedding Photography -

There's one thing that bride's just can't wait to do and that's to put their "dreamed of" wedding dress on. It just makes each of them feel so incredibly good...and it should. Well, for many they are excited to put it back on again soon after the wedding. It brings back all those mem'ries again but also without the stress that they may have felt just a few weeks before or a month of so before. Our couples love to do an AfterShoot. Sometimes it's because their wedding was in the city and so they want some country pics, other times it's the reversed and they had their wedding in the country and they just have to have some city shots or even some city night shots. Whatever you wish or sometimes it's just because it feels so good to get back into your dress and for your man to get dressed up again but this time, a bit more casual for him. Sometimes to do some daring things and sometimes just to have fun. We don't often find that our couples actually like to 'wreck" the dress but that is of course an option, but mostly they just like to get a few more shots that they didn't have time to do on the day or in a location that they would love to have as well as their wedding shots. So Taylor and Derek wanted to have some more time to hang out in front of the camera and be themselves and for them they even wanted to do the "bike" thing "together." You guys were so fun at your wedding and we knew you'd have us laughing our heads off in your AfterShoot. Thanks so much to you two! So if you've always wanted to get back in your dress and feel free to push the envelope...have another shoot...anywhere...just spending time together having fun!