Amy and Vince | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Vince and Amy met five years ago at the Forest City Velodrome – an indoor cycling track in London, Ontario. They spent many hours training together and then many more hours getting to know one another while chatting at Starbucks. In the beginning, they never expected this new relationship to last as they were both at very different points in their lives; Amy was already a teacher while Vince was just in his second year at McMaster. However, despite these obvious differences they couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. Their relationship was long distance from the start. With countless commutes between London and Brantford and many cycling adventures, the first two years just flew by. Then Vince left Canada to study Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. They were now nine hours apart, for usually seven weeks at time – all year! Amy made it pretty clear to Vince that if she was going to wait three years for him then he needed to give her a wedding to plan. August 2011, Vince surprised Amy with a candle-lit ribbon pathway representing the journey of their relationship and he was at the end of the ribbon, waiting on bended knee. Even though it would be 28 months until their wedding, Amy started planning right away. For the engagement shoot, it was pretty obvious they needed to have photos done at the place they met and fell in love. Amy also wanted fall colours…she just did not plan on having everyone trudge through the mud along the way! They also brought ornaments since their wedding is three days after Christmas and will be festively decorated! Congratulations Amy and Vince! We can't wait till your wedding! You two make everything and anything fun!