Jenn and Rob | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

We love asking couples how they met and just listening to their story on how their lives have come ttogether. It is so interesting and out of everyone in this world, everyone's story is unique an different! For Jenn and Rob they met and dated in high school....she was 16 and he was 17. They were each other's "first love." Then they went their separate ways and though they had opportunities to reconnect and get back together, they would each "chicken out." Until eventually they lost track of each other but no matter where their lives took them, they each always wondered about the other and day dream...."what if..." Until 19 years later they reconnected at their high school reunion and recognized how they still felt about each other and that each of them felt the same way. It was as if no time had passed and they knew they had loved each other from afar all thoe years and a tiny piece of the universe shifted into place. They were meant to be together!