Keri and Dan | Fernwood Hills | London Ontario Engagement Photography | Lee Mann Productions

Gorgeous couples in love! We're so lucky to do this. Cinema, video, or photos, capturing real emotions and real stories of real life and real couples. When we talk with couples in our office they have us laughing and often in tears too as we hear their stories of how they met. Not two the same, everyone is different and sometimes people grow up miles and miles away from each other and some live right down the street all their lives and never meet until....just the right timing in their lives. Growing up a long country road away from each other....that's all...just a long road, but a short distance. She had heard of him and he probably of her, but it wasn't until they officially met last Spring and it seemed like they had known each other forever. Then the proposal, take a look on youtube and we've managed to catch a few shots here and there of Keri and Dan since then and here are a few more. We only had a couple minutes last weekend but they braved the cold and snow to have a few fun shots. We're extra blessed because Keri and Dan are family.