Ashley and Matt | London Ontario Engagement Photography | Lee Mann Productions

You've probably heard it before many times that if someone would have told them that they were going to marry each other 5 years ago it would have seemed crazy. But somehow things change and now they can't even imagine life without the other.

It's exactly like that for Ashley and Matt. With Ashley, we got to watch her growing up. She's beautiful, independent, so much fun and yet sincere. You can always have a great conversation with her and she is always about helping people. As we said, she was always independent and fun so if there was going to be a guy in her life he would have to be pretty special. No, not just ordinary, but truly fun and special. Because Ashley is Lee's cousin we could tell this relationship was different that first Christmas we met Matt. Yes, she definitely had such an excitement and such a connection with him. He made her laugh even more and smile and he was such a great guy for her. They told us that their life together consists of laughing all the time and we could really see it when we were out together even on their engagement shoot. They are very different and yet have so many similarities. There's always those little things that are special between couples and for Matt and Ashley, he is such a big blue jay fan and now Ashley has joined the band wagon and together they just love going to games. He's perfect for her and she brings out the very best in him. Their engagement was pretty special too as Matt prepared a picnic all by himself last summer on August 19 and after canoeing to their favorite spot he asked her the question.

Congratulations and love you Ashley and Matt and can't wait till June 1st. It's going to be an awesome day!