The Infinite Game

What does it mean to live an infinite life? I don't mean a life where we live forever; clearly, life for me is finite, I will die, and we all will die at some point. But life itself the life we see around us goes on with or without us. Our lives are finite, but life itself is infinite.Often times we live our lives to win, to be the best, not just the best I can be, but better than others, to have the most or make the most amount of money. To do things better than others, or to know more or always be right. We can get caught up in living a finite game to win the day or to be the best, even at great cost to others and ourselves. But what happens to me if I die with more money than others or a bigger house or more cars, I don't win the game of life, I just die. In thinking this way I may succeed at the moment, but I lose in the long run. But if I chose to live my life to play the infinite game, I am waking up each day to live better, be better than I was before. To live in a way that will build others up, help others see their dreams come to life, build companies or organizations that will have in impact on the world that will outlast me. That I wake up each day with a goal to positively impact the lives of those around me beyond my own lifetime. The goal of living an infinite life is not to win but to keep the game going. To impact those that we love and care about, so that those around us can become better people and that the impact that I have on others can ultimately outlive me. When I die so will all my ideas. The only thing left that I can leave in this world is what I did for others. My legacy in life is not something that I leave when I die, but something that I create each day I am alive. And by choosing to live an infinite life, I will find much great joy, happiness and fulfilment in each of the days I have left. You are your competition.

UncategorizedLee Mann