A lot can happen in a year. 2017

2017, A lot can happen in a year. I asked the question yesterday if you could sum it up in one word. A lot of people were able to do that and the spectrum ranged from extreme happiness to sadness and disgust for the year. I tried to and could relate to a lot of the words written but could not seem to pick a word for myself that could fully and most accurately sum up my 2017.For my year has been filled with much of the same status quo, big highs and lows I have never felt before, learning many new things, feeling accomplished on top of my game and many moments feeling useless and worthless. I have had moments where I felt my life has been completely on track and woken up to find I am living out in left field, or not even in the field I thought I was in. This year for me has not been easy, for most that is never the case. But this year was one of the hardest, of my now almost 32-year life, though much of it my own doing. And to be sure I have had an easy life compared to many, but I still came close, earlier this year, to feeling like I must be the only one feeling this way. It sounds silly writing it, but at the time that's often how I felt. For me the change and year that on the surface may look to me at times and others, as a year of failures, a year of introspecting, and what I see I don't like. Of waking up or being hit over the head, and seeing the that life I was living was not at all one I was proud to live. A year full of choices and many mistakes. A year actually not unlike most in the past. But this year was different. This year was not just different because of the situations in it, but mostly, this year was different because of my choice of how to react to them. It's not always been easy, in fact, most days it's the hardest thing to do. But I have learned that life is not lived by how few unexpected, seemingly negative, deserving or undeserving situations we feel we have. That does not define happiness, or a good year or a good life, it is how we respond to any situation. And it is in this. That I find going forward 2017 was instead a year of the most growth in my life. The chance to start again, to grow and become a better person, to learn, listen and to improve each day. And honestly, without 2017 I may have never been given that chance. I am reminded of a quote from Thomas Edison. One night in 1914, one of his massive factories caught on fire. Everyone was running around trying to put it out. The flames engulfing the huge building lighting up the night sky. And Thomas Edison just stood there watching. His son came up to him and asked him what to do. His reply I will always remember each day I face a challenge. He told him "Go get your mother and all her friends. They'll never see a fire like this again." I can have things happen in my life, things I think maybe are the worst possible situations. I could have things taken from me, lose friends, family or failed relationships in my life, make poor choices that cost me everything or have my factories burn down, and it could even be all my own doing. But I still will always have one thing left. My choice, and the choice of how I react, I always have the power to choose. 2017 will remind of that for the rest of my life. And for that I am truly thankful for this year.

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