A new car to impress people we don't know

Pride, public recognition, when we are thanked it makes us feel valued. When we graduate and have a ceremony to celebrate. When you walk up to get that diploma you feel pride in what you have done, at the exact moment, you are handed that diploma your family, friends, parents who are there also feel the pride and say I am so proud of you! This is the chemical Serotonin at work in our body. Serotonin is designed to increase the feeling of self-worth, the value we bring to others we love. It increases our attachment and loyalty to others in our group. We feel gratitude when people believe in us.But I trick myself every day. Not on purpose, I don't think about doing it, but it happens. My brain gets tricked. We live in a materialist society so we judge status very often by how much money you make. So any display of wealth or hard work raises my status. This is why the logos on designer clothes are on the outside. We want people to see, to walk out the door wearing those new shoes or expensive sunglasses. How good does it feel to drive around in that brand new car? It feels so good, I feel like a million bucks. I feel my confidence rise when you put on the symbols of success. Because it shows this display of status. The problem was, there was no real relationship formed because of it I tricked the system That rush of the chemical Serotonin I get by putting on those new designer clothes or driving around that new fancy car. Or in my case even just working hard or trying to build companies and businesses on a quest to raise my status, it all soon fades. That's why we keep trying to accomplish things and try to do more and accumulate more material goods. And yet somehow I never feel successful because there was no relationship. I tricked it, I gamed it. And the feeling never lasts and we chase the next temporary high of a new thing we get or making more money. The only true way we can get a long lasting real feeling of being respected, admired, accomplished, or the real feeling that people believe in and trust us. Is by helping those we care about. When we believe in them and they believe in us. The more we take care of others the more real long lasting Serotonin we have. Feelings that won't fade and will encourage us to do it more because we are doing it for people we love, not for a new car to impress people we don't know.

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