A rainy Thursday night

As I sit here on a rainy miserable Thursday night, trying to think of new ways to do things, new ways to think, how to improve myself or my businesses. When I start to think I am not smart enough, or don't have any great or new ideas, or worse, that all I have are ideas.I look around me and literally everything that I see, other than that rain falling outside, was once just someone's idea. That chair that desk that light that computer and phone, this building. Once someone thought, that will never work, it can never happen, or that's crazy. It is the ones that said, I will try, that brought all of what I see around me into reality. Next time you think you don't have what it takes or that your idea might not work. Just look around and think that if all of those before us had thought it will never work what would you see. I can tell you for me, it would be cold and raining on my head right now.

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