Asking questions

Asking questions. As many of you know I love to ask questions, almost as much as I like to talk :) (I am working on it). But if I can ask questions and then discuss with others this is one of my favourite places to be.I am pretty comfortable asking questions in most situations, many of which I ask of myself in my own head almost constantly. But when I get into groups or in public and have to ask those questions out loud, its a little more tricky. Which got me asking another question. Why is it often so hard for us to ask questions? Why is this? Is it because we think we should now know it all? Is it because we are scared to be wrong and be judged by others. Or do we just feel the value of asking questions is not worth the effort? It may be all of these and more, but I think it has to do a lot with school. When we were young before we started school, questions were how we made sense of the world, why this and why that. Asking was the only way we learned and I am sure our parents were so sick of hearing why. But as we get older questions seem to turn from a way to learn and understand to a sign of stupidy or weakness. Maybe this is changing now but, when I went to school we would have time for learning (or listening) and then the teachers would often ask something like "are there any questions" or "does anyone have a question". Time for questions often was looked on as an afterthought or questions were for the people who didn't understand, not as a chance to expand on the learning or as a way to contribute to the lesson. And I feel as if this carried over into all or most of my formal education. Questions were not looked upon as a good thing as much as something of a bother or just overlooked as an extension to learning. Why didn't we ask "who can come up with a question about what we talked about" or "now lets have each person come up with a question to ask about this lesson" I feel if questions had have been treated as a benefit to learning in school we may have viewed questions when we are older as a way to learn, communicate and grow together. Often times we only ask questions when our curiosity outweighs our insecurities, and I feel because of this kind of culture around questions we are missing so much value. Knowledge doesn't come from having the right answers but asking the right questions first. I am still asking questions, and question everything, but what I really want is to question everything better.

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