Courage to be vulnerable

Vulnerability is often a word we shy away from. It's scary and we often think of it as being a sign of weakness. Most of our lives we try to prevent others from seeing that we may not have everything together or that we have doubt, guilt or shame in things we have done or not done.It makes us feel good to know we can attempt to control how others view us. We often try to numb our feelings of vulnerability and in turn also numb everything. I am starting to see that vulnerability is actually emotional risk, exposure and uncertainty and a sign of strength and our most accurate measurement of courage. To let ourselves be seen, to be honest. To open ourselves up to others and allow them to see us for who we are. To admit we don't always have it together and admit we may need to change. Because after all, vulnerability is the birthplace of ideas, new thinking, creativity and all about change. Vulnerability is risking doing something that hasn't been done before. Adaptability to change be able to change ourselves and our thoughts. Saying I may not know it all or have it all together, I may have messed up big time, but I am willing to take the risk to let you in. To take the risk is the courage we find in our vulnerability and what gives us the strength to change. We often say we will open up to others, or get into the ring and fight, when we know it all and when we are bulletproof. But that's not what we want to see in others. We want to see someone who is real, who risks, who dares to change and who says I may lose it all but at least I gave it my best shot. I want to have the courage to let myself be seen and deeply seen. I want to risk, to change, and to dare greatly. But none this can be done if we can't first start with the courage to be vulnerable.

UncategorizedLee Mann