I am my competition

Often times in life and work, I have tried and strived to be the best at something. Or feel I should or do know more than others in order to be ahead or to win or to even feel good about myself.Lately, I have been seeing that thought process of trying to beat or be better than those around me is a flawed (not to mention very selfish) way to look at success. Success is not about being better than those around us, success is about being better than ourselves. It's not about being number one, how many likes or followers we have or outdoing anyone. It's about how I outdo myself. It's about making sure that the work I am doing is better than the work I produced before. It's about living a life better then I did before. And in that way, I will never stop living each day to be a better version of myself. This is where I will find a sense joy. Because my joy will only come not by besting others but by advancing myself. I am my competition

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