I fear success

I fear success, I fear in my own success I will forget who I am and forget the things I stand for and value most in life. I believe in a world where selflessness and loving others as we would want to be loved can and should be the norm. Where being truly fulfilled is only accomplished by helping others.But I fear that if I were to gain success in this or helping others would go to my head and I could forget myself in the process. I am less scared of failure then I am of success because in failure I am humbled, but in success staying humble can be the biggest challenge for me. I know I am personally far from a success and most days feel like the biggest failure. But its that fear that the thing that I want to do the most, help others impact people positively and change the world will be my downfall. And that keeps me from starting. I have had "success" in the past and I was a jerk of a person. I don't like that person that person is not who I am or want to be but that person was me. I believe everyone can change that anyone reading this now is never stuck as the person they are now, and in many ways, I have too, but sometimes I don't know if I am the only one who can't. I would love to know from you, how you remind yourself daily or if you even need to how you stay humble and grateful and how you trust that the success or accomplishments you feel won't go to your head. Or if anyone else has felt this or feels this way, because though I assume others do, I feel I am the only one.

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